The Devon U14 Chess team

The Devon U14 Team does battle each year against other teams from the West of England and South Wales. I have been providing a bit of feedback on their games over the while, and the collected comments are below. They're a sort of battle manual for junior chess, and I hope everyone will find something to help their chess here. There is a list of topics underneath and a list of tips at the back of most booklets. If you read a tip and don't understand it, look up the position in the booklet. Any questions? Drop me a line.


u14_2024.pdf U14/U18 Jamboree games with comments 2024 [GAMES]

  • General opening advice:
    • Knights before Bishops,
    • Good development once started must be completed,
    • Finish devlopment bvefore attacking,
    • Your Rooks need an open file (or a half-open one)
  • Choosing easier openings
  • Natural developing moves aren’t good enough
  • The slow system against the Two Knights
  • Blunder-proofing
  • How does this help? (Who does this help?)
  • Natural vs accurate moves
  • Energy
  • Pawn weaknesses
  • Bishops and Pawns
  • King and Pawn endgames (again(
  • Fortresses

u14_2023.pdf U14/U18 Jamboree games with comments 2023 [GAMES]

  • A. Challenge the centre and open a file
  • B. Avoid Dreadful little Rook’s Pawn moves (DLRPMs)
  • C. An opening is only as good as the ideas you bring to it.
  • D. Get your eye in for tactics
  • E. Eliminate blunders
  • F. Energy
  • G. Know the swapping rules
  • H. Prefer Bishops to Knights
  • I. Castling in the endgame (don't)
  • J. Avoid being left with just your King if you stand worse

u14_2020.pdf U14/U18 Jamboree games with comments 2020 [GAMES]

  • A. Playing against 'dodgy' openings
  • B. Practice tactics
  • C. Leap in the dark
  • D. Take threats seriously
  • E. Playing safe is dangerous
  • F. Isolated Queen's Pawns
  • G. Know the swapping rules

u14_2019.pdf U14/U18 Jamboree games with comments 2019

  • A. Steinitz’ Law & Dr.Dave’s advice
  • B. Practise your disco moves
  • C. Country moves
  • D. Endgames to watch
  • E. Good and bad traps
  • F. An exchange is probably better for somebody
  • G. Play proper openings (not Old Stodge)

u14_2018.pdf U14 Jamboree games with comments 2016

  • A. Don't make any silly mistakes
  • B. Play proper Openings
  • C. Be careful about swaps!
  • D. Chess is a team game
  • E. Endgames worth looking at
  • F. Resigning

u14_2017.pdf U14 Jamboree games with comments 2016

  • Silly mistakes
  • Proper openings
  • Old Stodge, Two Knights
  • Writing down moves

u14_2016.pdf U14 Jamboree games with comments 2016

  • Swapping
  • Attack and defence
  • King and pawn endgames
  • Sit on your hands
  • Proper openings

u14_2015.pdf U14 Jamboree games with comments 2015

  • Blunders
  • Attacking
  • Being pushy
  • Ruy Lopez, French Exchange, Two Knights, Philidor

u14_2014.pdf U14 Jamboree games with comments 2014

  • Chess and mistakes
  • Pawns and planning - Isolated Queen's Pawns
  • The Blackmar-Diemer Gambit

u14_2013.pdf U14 Jamboree games with comments 2013

  • Openings: Colle, Scandinavian, Danish, Hypermodern, QG Accepted&Slav
  • Blunder-proofing your game
  • Stop trying to win, and win!
  • Playing for traps

u14_2012.pdf U14 Jamboree games with comments 2012

  • Openings: Bishop's Opening, and the Caro-Kann and King's Indian defences
  • A basic opening repertoire
  • Listen to the pawns
  • Opposite-coloured Bishops

u14_2011.pdf U14 Jamboree games with comments 2011

With guest appearance from Devon's top player Dominic Mackle!

  • Openings: Petroff and Philidor Defences (and another rant about Old Stodge)
  • A basic opening repertoire
  • Spotting tactics

u14_20043.pdf U14 Jamboree games with comments 2004

  • Openings: Old Stodge [Giuoco Pianissimo], Sicilian Defence, French Defence, Queen's Gambit, Queen's Pawn Game without c4, King's Gambit, Scotch Game and Gambit
  • Clockwork attacks, Pawns, What to swap

u14_2005b.pdf U14 Jamboree games with comments 2005

  • Openings: Two Knights', French Defence, Scotch Game, Queen's Game and Gambit, King's Gambit, Sicilian Defence, Old Stodge
  • Blunder-proofing, Endgames

u14_2006.pdf U14 Jamboree games with comments 2006

  • Openings: Time-wasting, Italian Game&Old Stodge, French Defence, Queen's Gambit Declined
  • Planning, Tactics

u14_2007.pdf U14 Jamboree games with comments 2007

  • Openings: General Opening Principles, Ruy Lopez
  • Swapping, Basic Tactics&Nets, Endgame passed pawns

u14_2008.pdf U14 Jamboree games with comments 2008

  • Openings: Queen's Gambit, French Defence, Sicilian, Four Knights, Stonewall
  • Swapping off in the endgame, Choosing a move, Tactics: discoveries, Queen sacrifices, Playing with a plan

u14_2009.pdf U14 Jamboree games with comments 2009

  • Openings: General Principles, Old Stodge, Italian Game, Sicilian, Queen's Gambit, Ruy Lopez, Scandinavian Defence,
  • Tactics Advice, Strategy Advice, Thinking, Self-analysis

u14_2010.pdf U14 Jamboree games with comments 2010

  • Openings: Old Stodge&London System, Double King-Pawn Opening, Semi-Open Games, Queen's Gambit, Unusual Openings
  • Blunders, Tactics exercises, Strategy Advice
  • Endgames: win when you're winning, Endgame theory