Dr.Dave's 10 steps for choosing a move

  1. What is your opponent up to?  What are all the things your opponent's move does?
  2. Even if you think you know: look at all the checks and captures (now and next moves for your opponent)
  3. Most important: Look around the whole board
  4. Can you spot any tactical patterns -- or are there loose pieces/Kings -- can they make something happen?
  5. What can you do to them?  Same routine: checks and captures, whole board, tactical patterns
  6. Improving your position -- which is your laziest piece?
  7. What are you trying to do -- where are you each strong or weak? which moves help your attack (or defence)?
    • Do any of your moves help your opponent?
  8. Choose between at least 2 moves 
  9. Check your move before playing it -- you will undefend or expose something -- checks and captures again
  10. Don't waste time over unimportant decisions