We will be following local and national safeguarding procedures:


We must call your attention to two conditions of our tournaments which are most important for the safeguarding of your children.

1. If the entry form says that all players must be supervised by a parent or other nominated adult all day, then they must.  We cannot have players, however sensible you think they are, free to do what they like without someone knowing where they are and what they are doing at all times.  The child may be put in danger, either through their own actions, or those of an intruder to the event.

2.  If players withdraw from the tournament early, you must tell the Person in Charge or the Controller for that Section.  Otherwise, we may and probably should assume that a missing child is lost or possibly kidnapped, and the police will called.

I hope you all see the sense in these two conditions and will support us in keeping to them.

However, if you break these conditions, especially on more than one occasion, then your entry may not be accepted.