Swiss system charts and cards

You will see tournament charts at our events and controllers using pairing cards.

The Swiss system

Most of our tournaments are played on the Swiss System.  Players play in every round, and are paired as far as possible with opponents who have the same number of points.
So, in Round 1, everyone has no points, and plays a game of chess.
After Round 1, we have players who have one point, and some still on no points (assuming no draws).
For Round 2, the players who have one point will play each other, and the players with no points play each other.
At the end of Round 2, we have players on 0, 1 and 2 points.
It's possible to lose your first round game, then win all the rest, and win the tournament with 5 points out of 6!

The tournament chart

    1 2 3
6 Anne Dunkel
0 B
1 W
2 B
7 Tom Cobleigh
1 W
1 B

In round 1, Anne (player 6) played Tom (player 7) and lost(0); Anne was Black(B).  Anne won her next two games, going to 1 point then a total of 2 points.

In round 1, Tom played Anne and won, as we know.  He lost his Round 2 game, staying on 1 point, then drew, moving to 1½ points.

Pairing cards

These are used by controllers to pair players on the same score, making sure they haven't played the same player before, and trying to give fair colour swaps.

No.6 Anne Dunkel  
Opponent 7 15 3        
Round 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Colour B W B        
Result 0 1 1        
Prog.Score 0 1 2