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Sat 23-Mar-24 Bovey Tracey Chess Weekend: adult & 12-18 rapidplay

Wickham Hall - 23 Ashburton Rd, Bovey Tracey, Newton Abbot TQ13 9YQ

Y8 and older are welcome to this mixed adult/junior event supportd by DJCA

There will be a stronger and a weaker section based on grading, and separate prizes for junior players


Sun 24-Mar-24 Bovey Tracey Chess Weekend 2024: DJCA Sunday U12

Wickham Hall - 23 Ashburton Rd, Bovey Tracey, Newton Abbot TQ13 9YQ

U12 chess event run by DJCA


Welcome to Devon Junior Chess Association


About us

The Association is a small committee of volunteers who organise and promote junior chess in the county. It runs tournaments and coaching days for players of all abilities from those who are new to competitive chess right through to those who play at County level. Players from the age of 7 through to those in their teens take part in the events and come from the many schools and the junior clubs that exist in the county. The Association selects and runs Devon County teams at U18, U14, U11 and U9 levels.

There are also events for over 11s run on behalf of the Devon County Chess Association which includes the County Under-14 team.

We depend on volunteers to make our events run smoothly -- can you help us out one day?

Reuben Fine’s 30 Rules of Chess


1. Open with a centre pawn.
2. Develop with threats.
3. Play knights before bishops.
4. Castle as soon as possible.
5. Avoid developing the queen too early.
6. Do not move the same piece twice without a good reason.
7. Use your minor pieces to fight for the centre.
8. Maintain at least one pawn in the centre.
9. Make as few pawn moves as possible.
10. Avoid sacrificing without a clear and adequate reason.


County colours for Devon juniors

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In last Sunday's Devon County chess match for all ages, Devon juniors were selected: Caleb Caleshu, Jack Wills and Harvey Cooper.  Congratulations to all.

British Champs 2023

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I've been trying to find and follow the progress of Devon juniors in this year's Championships, but please email me if I've missed anyone.

I spotted Luke Honey and Reece Whittington having a go in the strong 9-round Major Open, scoring 5 and 3.5 respectively.  A tough week in the office!  (For context, the winner was an International Master who scored 7/9.)

Reece and Luke then took part in the U1900 Rapidplay, which was won by Luke with 5.5/6 -- very well done! 

Positional elements

Here's a list.  

There are different levels of appreciation, from Know-That to Know-How 

  1. I've heard of it...
  2. I can recognise it in a position or a game
  3. I pay attention to it when choosing a move
  4. I know a model game = I know enough about it to win a game with it when it is the main thing going on = I can make an effective plan based on it 
  5. I can judge how important it is in a more complex position


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