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Opening booklets pretty well complete

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I've added to the collection of opening guides a PDF booklet and a PGN file for the Old Indian and Philidor's Defence (one booklet), same again for the Benko Gambit and Cambridge Springs Defence, and PGN+PDF for each the three Black hypermodern defences: Alekhin's, Grunfeld's and the Pirc/Modern complex.  

Updated London System

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PDF booklet and play-through PGN file; see the index page First Adventures


More openings updates

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Two Knights' Defence and Swiss Defence/All-purpose System

Petroff Defence

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Petroff Defence: PDF booklet and PGN file added to secret openings booklet list -- comments invited, may get updated soon.

New openings booklets and PGN files

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Playing against unorthodox openings as Black (English, Reti, Bird's, Grob)

  • PGN chapter included in file on Swiss Defence 
  • PDF as a separate booklet

All linked from the secret file emailed to the U14s



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Otto Blathy composed chess problems. But the ones he liked were a bit funny! The positions could never happen in a game, but they usually had a nice idea in them.

These gnarly positions are called grotesques.

Mr.B showed me this one many years ago: White to play and win! Black is moving down the board -- well, that's if they could move...

Puzzle 1


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