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More #chess success for Devon juniors

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Congratulations to Caleb Caleshu who has won through to the U14 Terafinal of the UK Chess Challenge.  Best of luck in the final from all at Devon Junior Chess!

National Success for Devon #chess junior

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Pengxiao Zhu took part in the British Online Chess Championships in August, winning the U10 Blitz trophy and a Performance Prize for the U10 Rapidplay competition.

Many congratulations to Pengxiao from everyone at Devon Junior Chess!


Opening booklets pretty well complete

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I've added to the collection of opening guides a PDF booklet and a PGN file for the Old Indian and Philidor's Defence (one booklet), same again for the Benko Gambit and Cambridge Springs Defence, and PGN+PDF for each the three Black hypermodern defences: Alekhin's, Grunfeld's and the Pirc/Modern complex.  

Updated London System

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PDF booklet and play-through PGN file; see the index page First Adventures


More openings updates

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Two Knights' Defence and Swiss Defence/All-purpose System

Petroff Defence

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Petroff Defence: PDF booklet and PGN file added to secret openings booklet list -- comments invited, may get updated soon.

New openings booklets and PGN files

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Playing against unorthodox openings as Black (English, Reti, Bird's, Grob)

  • PGN chapter included in file on Swiss Defence 
  • PDF as a separate booklet

All linked from the secret file emailed to the U14s



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