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The Association is a small committee of volunteers who organise and promote junior chess in the county. It runs tournaments and coaching days for players of all abilities from those who are new to competitive chess right through to those who play at County level. Players from the age of 7 through to those in their teens take part in the events and come from many schools and the junior clubs that exist in the county. The Association selects and runs County Under 11 and Under 9 teams.

There are also events for over 11s run on behalf of the Devon County Chess Association which includes the County Under-14 team.

We depend on volunteers to make our events run smoothly -- can you help us out one day?

A planning test (Botvinnik-Kan)

White to play and win

[Event "URS-ch11 Final"]
[Site "Leningrad"]
[Date "1939.04.29"]
[Round "10"]
[White "Botvinnik, M."]
[Black "Kan, Ilia Abramovich"]
[Result "1-0"]
[ECO "E24"]
[Annotator "bishops: bad bishop?"]
[SetUp "1"]
[FEN "3r2k1/5pp1/bp3q1p/2pBpP2/2P1P3/P6P/2Q3P1/5RK1 b - - 0 26"]
[PlyCount "1"]
[EventDate "1939.04.16"]
[EventRounds "17"]
[EventCountry "URS"]

{[#]} 26... Bc8 {[#] The Bd5 is not bad - rather, it is the Bc8 that has no
scope. But how does White make progress?} 1-0

Opening booklets pretty well complete

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I've added to the collection of opening guides a PDF booklet and a PGN file for the Old Indian and Philidor's Defence (one booklet), same again for the Benko Gambit and Cambridge Springs Defence, and PGN+PDF for each the three Black hypermodern defences: Alekhin's, Grunfeld's and the Pirc/Modern complex.  

I think we're pretty well done now; I don't want to tempt anyone with a booklet on any of the hypermodern openings for White or anything less orthodox than I've done already.

Petroff Defence

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Petroff Defence: PDF booklet and PGN file added to secret openings booklet list -- comments invited, may get updated soon.

New openings booklets and PGN files

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Playing against unorthodox openings as Black (English, Reti, Bird's, Grob)

  • PGN chapter included in file on Swiss Defence 
  • PDF as a separate booklet

All linked from the secret file emailed to the U14s


DJCA U18 Training 2021 PGN games

Click [...] for a list of games
[Event "DJCA U18 Training Tournament"]
[Site "https://lichess.org/TixicLep"]
[Date "2021.02.20"]
[Round "?"]
[White "PeNgXiAo_ZhU"]
[Black "Abusuhayl"]
[Result "0-1"]
[ECO "E10"]
[WhiteElo "1639"]
[BlackElo "1500"]
[Annotator "Regis,Dave"]
[PlyCount "92"]
[EventDate "2021.??.??"]
[TimeControl "1500+5"]
[WhiteClock "0:11:08"]
[BlackClock "0:13:05"]

{White got a big advantage out of the opening, but stubborn defence by Black
held the line somehow, and then White was bullied into defending a worse
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