Exchange Chess

Just a reminder before the tournament


[00] Team 1 Black
Team 2 White
  Team 1 White
Team 2 Black
  • Starting
    • Players play in teams of two against other pairs; White and Black play against Black and White.
    • Clocks (00) should be placed at each end so that all players can see the time on each clock.
  • Playing
    • It's like chess, but...
  • Drops
    • Captured pieces are passed to your partner; the pieces you receive will be the same colour as your pieces on your board.
    • Instead of making a move on your board, you can 'drop' any captured piece onto any vacant square, except that pawns may not be dropped onto the first or the eighth rank.
    • Pieces can be dropped to give check.
    • A piece can be dropped to give checkmate.
    • A promoted pawn once captured is dropped as a pawn.  You can place a pawn on its side to show it has been promoted.
    • You can't castle with a dropped Rook.
    • Touch move and touch take do not apply; pressing the clock completes a move ('clock-move').
    • Players can advise partners about pieces they would find useful.  Please don't shout...
  • Clocks
    • I suggest 12 minutes each
    • Touch move and touch take do not apply; pressing the clock completes a move ('clock-move').
    • If you are about to be mated if you move, you don't have to move, but you might lose on time.
  • Winning
    • Mate on either board ends the game.  A mated player can wait for a rescuing piece to arrive and block a mate; a "contact mate" cannot be blocked.
    • Flag fall on either board ends the game. 
  • The decision of the arbiter, however unfair, is final.

Example game:

Black wins on the left-hand board by dropping a Queen with check onto d2; the Queen must be taken by the Bishop, then the original Black Queen comes down to give mate.