County Junior Team Battle


Saturday, July 17, 2021 - 14:00



Hampshire, fielding a strong team, settled into an early lead and pulled away steadily all afternoon.  Devon came a creditable second thanks to some star performances from Luke, Niranjana, JunYi, Jake, Tom, Toby, Shreyas and Tejas.  All the other teams had at least one 2000+ rated player, while our top ranked team member was Luke started on less than 1800 (and he was unlucky to miss wins against the top two boards of Hampshire). Thanks to everyone that played and I hope you all enjoyed the event.

Saturday Afternoon Event Team Battle

1 Hampshire Junior Chess Association ReturnOfTheDyu 67+39+35+28+25+20+16+10 240
2 Devon Junior Chess Association Luke_Honey 44+26+26+19+17+16+14+13 175
3 Dorset Junior Chess chessmonkey_durban 28+22+20+18+18+17+7+4 134
4 Berkshire Junior Chess Krishkeshari 24+14+12+11+11+11+10+9 102


Devon Junior Chess Association

Players 13
Average rating 1518
Average performance 1536
Average score 16
Team page
1 Luke_Honey 1812 44
2 junliyeap 1803 26
3 JakeBratram 1788 26
4 theyta-ta 1674 19
5 GumballThunder 1472 17
6 nnarayanan 1608 16
7 Toby_ChessWizard123 1525 14
8 Chess_Dragon19 1525 13
9 YokeshGanesan 1553 10
10 williamnova897 1389 6
11 PrawnCocktail 1151 3
12 Zeynabbagirli 937 2


We have been invited to a team battle on Sat July 17th 2021 at 2pm on Lichess.
This is our second such event.  I hope and believe everyone who played last time had fun (also we won!). 

We will be playing teams from other South-West counties, including Dorset, Hampshire and Berkshire.

A team battle is a cross between a Swiss tournament and a team match and
maybe a melee...

Everybody plays everybody else, and the total points for the top 6 highest-scoring players are used to work out the team winners. 

You should be paired mostly with players about the same strength as you (rating or total points), but it depends who finishes a game around the same time as you.

I said last time: *We don't know how old the opponents will be or how strong.*

But if last time is any guide, the weakest players will have Lichess ratings a bit below 1000, and the best over 2000. 

So, if you can help us out, sign up to Lichess and then join in here:

The Lichess system will pair you with opponents and start the games for you.  Once you finish a game, go back to the tournament page.

See you there!



PS The Lichess system tries to spot and kick out players who it thinks are cheating.  It might be mistaken, but you will still get kicked out if you are doing something suspicious!  So, don't have other windows or apps running while you play, especially anything to do with chess.  If you want something to do while you wait, read a novel!