DJCA AGM Friday 15th July 2022

15/7/2022 DJCA Committee Meeting Minutes

Attendees: DR, AA, VC, SK, TO, NB, JCB

No apologies - everyone present

1. Chairman's welcome and report (DR)

Last year - and ongoing - significant risk to adults from COVID, which is unlikely to go away, while waves will likely continue intermittently

              Plan to implement a full schedule of events and training going forwards

              Last year open events low volume - TBGS and Abbey run by TO

2. Treasurer's report (SK)

              >£4k mainly in bank

              Insurance costs will rise

              Would be prudent to find a source of interest on bank (at TSB)

              To put us in better financial position - run more events

              Any Chepstow event likely to cost more than previously

3. Secondary Schools Activity (TO)

              New activity in last year from Devonport and Colyton – some new contacts made elsewhere

              Zonal and U13 and U18 team challenges ran at TBGS

4. Election of Officers - all stay in situ

              President VC

              Chair DR

              Treasurer SK

              Secretary JCB

              Database AA

              Others with wide ranging tasks:

              TO, NB

              Tom Thorpe if available

Additional resource - Gill Morgan

5. Planning events and Training (DR and all)


  1. Bursaries offered to entrants at British Championships in Torquay August 2022

PS if anyone is at the British Championships - should we put out some fliers?? And maybe get some sort of announcement?

  1. 5th TBGS Open Tournament Sun October 16 2022 by Year Group (may combine)
    (organised by Tim)
  2. Devon Championships - Teign School Sat Dec 3 2022 (maybe 4th)

U18, U15, U13, U11

  1. Plan to run 2 Novice events up to Y8 and try to reach some of the online who have never played over the board

At Devonport High Sat 5th November 2022 (cost c. £12/hour (per room?)) – Nick to book, DR to run/support following advice from Victor, maybe Gill could attend

In the East of county Sun 20th November 2022 (Colyton? Kingkerswell?!)

  1. Is there going to be a Chepstow West of England in January?
  2. Spring Open Tournament Sat Feb 26 2023
  3. Training (at previously held at Exeter Chess Club) Sun March 25 2023

6. AOB

DR has purchased DGT* clocks which he can make available

Event organisation falls on DR for DJCA events (others are organised by TO)

How to staff events?

Exeter School Contact - Dominic Touhey (spelling?)

Colyton GS has space for events - TO can pursue as there is a senior teacher in place

VC applauded DR's website for activity through difficult times

No dates agreed for any next meeting - JCB suggested a Teams call for a catchup sometime - otherwise we will rely on email as usual